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With permenant lighting you can have thousands of different combinations of colors and effects! Which means you can create a custom lighting display for every single holiday, birthday and special occasion any day of the year!

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Permanent Lighting in Montgomery County

Illuminate Your Property’s Roof with Professional Permanent Lighting

With permanent roofline lighting, you never have to hang lights again! Streamline Lighting Solutions offers home and business owners a long-lasting and elegant solution to enhance the exterior beauty of your property all year long. Our permanent lighting in Montgomery County and all surrounding areas involves the installation of permanent, weather-resistant LED lights along your roofline, creating a stunning and customizable display you’ll truly love. When you work with our experts, you can expect second-to-none service along with personalized lighting schemes that complement the architecture and landscaping of your residential or commercial property. Plus, our permanent roofline lighting adds curb appeal and provides a practical and energy-efficient outdoor lighting solution. The use of durable materials ensures longevity and minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting ambiance without the hassle of seasonal installations. Ready to incorporate permanent lighting on your property? Give us a call today to schedule your lighting project.

Benefits of our Permanent Lighting Services

Unseeable During The Day

Are you worried about showing your lights during the day? Our permanent lights are unseeable during the day, so your lighting will only be visible once the sun goes down and won't be an eyesoar during the day. Our lights not only make your property look more appealing, but they provide extra illumination and security during the night.

Customized From Your Phone

At Streamline Lighting Solutions, we’re proud to offer our clients the utmost convenience when it comes to their permanent roofline lighting. We use industry-leading, commercial-grade LED lights that can be controlled with your phone. Now, you have complete control of when your residence is bright with lights.

Brilliant Lights All Year

Who said you need to wait until the holiday season to have a beautifully illuminated residence? With the help of Streamline Lighting Solution’s permanent roofline lighting, you can have beautiful lights on your property all year long! Give us a call today to learn more about our permanent lighting options.

Warrantied Product & Service

Our permanent roofline lights are backed by our high-standing product and service warranties, so you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving top-quality solutions. We offer a wide array of warranties that are specific to different products and services. Give us a call today to learn about our warranty options.

Fast & Convenient Installation

Need permanent lighting fast? Streamline Lighting Solutions is here to help, and work around your schedule. When you call us for service, our team will arrive at your home or business fully equipped with commercial-grade, permenant LED lights and ready to get the installation project done perfectly.

Lights For Any Occasion

With our permanent lighting solutions, you no longer have to go through the rigorous process of installing lights for every holiday. Now, you can customize your year-round lighting to the specific time of year or whatever you’re celebrating on any occasion. The best part is you can program all of this conveniently from your phone.

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Sit-back & Relax

Now that your lighting project is scheduled, you can sit back and relax while our team prepares for your installation project. We’ll arrive at your residential or commercial property on time and ready to get the job done!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many benefits come along with our professional permanent roofline lighting, including year-long lighting, customizable solutions, and the utmost convenience of illuminating your residence with your phone! Plus, by working with our team, you’ll get a seamless, hassle-free service you’ll love.

The time it takes our crew to handle permanent roofline lighting services varies from project to project. Most of our projects can be completed in one day, depending on how many lights we’re installing and the size of your roofline. We strongly encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about the specificity of your professional installation.

We’re more than happy to install permanent lighting on your home or business’s roofline. By having permanent lighting placed on your property’s roofline, your exterior space will shine bright on its significant architectural features, adding a solid boost in curb appeal. Give us a call now to learn more about our permanent roofline lighting services.
While it’s possible to install permanent lighting yourself, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our professional team. We have all the latest equipment and tools to ensure a successful project, and our lights are from trusted, well-known brands. Instead of risking personal injury or property damage, contact our crew for top-quality solutions!
Streamline Lighting Solutions is the first choice for permanent roofline lighting for home and business owners for many reasons! We have years of experience tackling light installations of all shapes and sizes and a proven track record for successful project completions. Therefore, when you are looking for high-quality work without the hassle and worry of mediocre services, be sure to rely on our team.

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